Frequently Asked Questions

I am a first time user and i do not know my username and password.

As a first-time user, you need to sign up for an account.

How do I purchase the prepaid subscription service plans and what are the different plans

As a first-time user, you will be required to select a prepaid plan before you can successfully create an account. For a subsequent user, login to your account to either renew or change your service plans. You can find the different service plans on the pricing page

What is the service validity of each subscription plan

The service validity can be found on the pricing page. The validity period for using the service is based on either the number of hours or the data allowance of the respective service plans that you subscribe to, whichever comes first. As soon as the data allowance for number of days you paid for is used up, you will lose your connection to the service.

How do I logout after closing my user account page

The user account page provides the means of logging out of your account to stop using the internet. If by error, this page is closed, you will need to disconnect your device from the Wi-Fi network and the system will log you out in 15 minutes.

How do I change my password

The password can be changed in your user account on logging in.

How do I recover my lost password

Use the forget password feature on the login page to recover your password

I am not getting the verification code at sign-up

Confirm the status of DND (Do Not Disturb) on your mobile number by sending 'STATUS' to 2442 via SMS. If active, you will need to disable it and if not, please get in touch with us through the 'Contact Us' page

What is DND (Do not Disturb)

The Do-Not-Disturb service allows mobile operator customers to opt out of receiving promotional messages from 3rd Party services (Bulk SMS, VAS promos, etc.). All DND services are free

How do I disable DND

You will need to SMS the word "ALLOW" to the short code 2442. Once this is done you will now receive all promotional messages

How much does it cost to disable DND

All DND services are free